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Reaching For The Moon. Falling Back To Earth.

I am quite a sucker for a Hero. Our son’s middle name is Haynes, after my childhood idol Johnny Haynes – lifelong Fulham player, captain ofEngland, first £100/week footballer and the sweetest passer of the ball that I have ever … Read more...

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Are the Paralympics a PC version of Dwarf Throwing?

OK I am guilty! I am guilty of writing the above headline because it is provocative and presumably attention-grabbing. And I am also totally guilty of replying to my daughter’s question as to whether I’d be watching The Paralympics on … Read more...

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The Ericle is in a state of suspended animation!

suspended animation

The Ericle hasn’t spoken for a week. Nothing wrong with that – I didn’t sign up to be a virtual cockerel. So it’s not a breach of my job description, when I don’t come up with a crow every dawn. … Read more...

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