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5 Reasons Why I Think I’ve Got OCD

1)  I keep my record albums in alphabetical order, by artist

2)  I not only bought 7  pairs of socks,  each with a different day of the week on them, but I also have to wear each pair on the … Read more...

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Cheers for Tears?!

It hasn’t been an easy ride. Not for your supporters either. I honestly believe that the tears you wept, after losing The Wimbledon Final earlier this summer, were the cathartic gateway to your first Grand Slam. I’m no therapist,  though … Read more...

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THE PARALYMPICS: First ‘The Rant’, Now ‘The Recant’!

I was wrong! In my posting of August 23rd I wrote: “As I see it, the event (The Paralympics) has become vastly overblown and, as spectators, we are participating in an circuitous disproportionate PC response.” This was indeed how … Read more...

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