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A Book List

A while – well almost a full year actually – ago, The Webmeister asked me to recommend a reading list of ‘modern’ books in English. Shortly there after I scribbled down a ‘front-of-mind’ list on a piece of paper, which Read more...

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THE MOTORCYCLE DIARIES Part 1: It’s Not About The Bike

Contrary to most non-motorcyclists expectations, the joy of touring on one’s bike is definitely not the covering of long distances at speed. Au contraire, IMHO, thundering down motorways isn’t  a very pleasant experience at all. But if you live in … Read more...

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‘The Final Countdown’

Got back from my motorcycling break, (which was ‘epic’ – more later), to be greeted by the Ride100′s ‘Final Countdown’ rider information pack. I am Rider Number 2893. It’s all very precise and has a tone of extreme order:… Read more...

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When it came to FFC, Al Fayed’s MO was commendable.

British Sport may do well to regularly send The Ericle abroad, as good things seem to happen while I am away.  (Details of my trip can be found here).  I just caught The Lions victory on the Saturday, but … Read more...

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The Ericle’s Motorcycle Tour 2013

A week’s break from pedalling, but still on two-wheels.

(An update on my preparation for the Ride 100 here.)

If all goes to plan, this is my itinerary:

July 7: London – Metz, France (390 miles)




 …

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