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The term ‘National Treasure’ is much (over)used these days but in the case of the BBC this term is not a platitude, rather an expression of its unique qualities –  in every sense of the word ‘quality’. The Ericle is … Read more...

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“The dreams of men, the seed of commonwealths, the germs of empires.” *


It is very easy to demonise Putin and, indeed, much of what he says & does is worthy of demonisation.

However one bit of what he said yesterday I mostly agree with:

“Our western partners ….. have come to believe … Read more...

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How I Learned To, Stop Worrying And, Love The Drop


The Ericle is suffering. After 13 years of Premier League football, it seems odds-on that Fulham Football Club will be returning whence it cameth. Hey, it’s been great at times. I have never felt more proud of being a Fulham … Read more...

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