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BA Maths: 2 – 1 = 0


Mrs Ericle & I, having been invited to a wedding in Nice on June 28th, decided to turn the Happy Event into an extended break in the area. Accordingly, a British Airways return ticket was purchased departing Blighty … Read more...

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1966 & All That


One of the great experiences of my life was to watch every England game at Wembley in  1966. It was remarkably easy to get tickets back then. My Dad & I just rocked up to the Wembley box office and … Read more...

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The DHL Man cometh.

The Ericle is very impressed by stuff like this:


I do recognize that this is relatively marginal to the well being of The Universe, and is motivated to a greater or less degree by marketing considerations, but I feel that … Read more...

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Death of an Advertising Man



I was very sad to learn of the recent death of David Abbott.

I was very fortunate to work within British advertising during its heyday when in 1979 I joined CDP/Aspect, a subsidiary of Collett Dickinson & Pearce.  As … Read more...

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