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Why Trump’s victory isn’t like Brexit

[The Ericle recently posted a piece (see here) on this subject. This week, the leader in The Spectator was exactly on this theme. I am re-publishing it here for my reader, who may not be a subscriber.]Read more...

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‘Events, dear boy, events’.

ɪˈvɛnt/ event. Noun. A thing that happens or takes place, especially one of importance.


This has been an eventful seven days by any standards. As I, like many others, try to make some sense of what has occurred in … Read more...

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An inconvenient truth: BREXIT ≠ Trump

Even before last night’s ghastly denouement, Trump’s Presidential and the UK’s Brexit campaigns had become coupled within the tidal wave of public  rhetoric. I’m not suggesting that there are not some similarities, but that does not mean that they are … Read more...

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