Anti-semitism & The Labour Party

If you can’t – or don’t want to – believe the cancer at the heart of Labour Party, please read this pamphlet handed out by the counter-demonstrators (“Labour Against The Witch Hunt”) at yesterday’s protest against anti-semitism within the party. These are the views not of a random rabble but of organised card-carrying members of the Labour Party.



How perverted is this pamphlet? It may fall short of the sort of language of the type associated with The Protocols Of The Elders of Zion, but the direction of travel is clear.

Clearly, The Ericle is of a pro-Israel disposition but that does not mean that I believe Israel is beyond criticism. (Indeed, I have always been a strong advocate of the importance of diaspora Jews to be prepared to let their views be known if they feel that Israeli policies & actions are wrong. I feel that way about the settlements and the excessive influence of the ultra-orthodox within Jewish politics.) However, criticism of Israel needs to be meted out according to values & standards that apply to all. When this is not the case, those perpetrating such argument need to ask themselves what is propelling them to express themselves in this way. In many cases, the reason may be that they have anti-Jewish dispositions. When such argument, incorporates references to Hitler, Nazis & the like there can be no doubt: such views are anti-semitic. When a political party provides oxygen to members holding such opinions and whose leader is only seen – at home & abroad – on anti-Israel political platforms, while also refusing to attend a state ceremony marking the 70th anniversary of the creation of the State of Israel, then it is entirely reasonable to suggest that such creatures quacking and swimming on the pond are anti-semitic ducks and that labelling them as such is not a ‘witch hunt’!


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2 Responses to Anti-semitism & The Labour Party

  1. LEE MANNING says:

    The only good that comes out of this is that Corbyn becomes increasingly unelectable . What we are seeing is the dangers of combining idealism with ignorance . Whilst I am certainly no expert on these matters and keep my head down , the one thing that holds true is that a little knowledge is a dangerous thing .

  2. Joel Kauf. says:

    Excellent perspective given … I know little about this, have learnt something new, and TBH am quite shocked!

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