A Famous German comments on ‘The Government We Deserve’

Jurgen Klopp, Liverpool FC’s German Manager, writing for The Ericle (and The Sunday Times) today:

“If aliens looked at us both from the outside they would think
we came from two different planets.”
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2 Responses to A Famous German comments on ‘The Government We Deserve’

  1. Ericle says:

    Also, today’s leading article in The Sunday Times, entitled ‘PM Spends millions to keep the crowd onside’, indicates the UK government is being led by polls, rather than policies. Cognitive Dissonance comes full circle!

  2. Ericle says:

    [From: Dawn]
    Oh, I do like this one, Eric. I happen to be a great fan of Jurgen Klopp who always
    has something entertaining to say.

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