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More Serious Numbers

  • 29% of Brits admitted (anonymously) to breaking the lockdown
  • 60% is the threshold where it is believed that Herd Immunity comes into play
  • 81% of C-19 cases are mild or unrecognized and are unreported
  • 60% participation is needed for a
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‘A grim calculus’ is in prospect.

I have always had a problem with Sartre’s famous quote in that I am too much of an agnostic to assent to the word ‘illusion’. This minor quibble aside, Sartre is reaching for something important when he asserts that most … Read more...

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Post-Pandemic Probabilities

There has been a significant sea-change in concerns, if not government focus, over the last few days; certainly, in the UK. (See Lord Sumpton’s article below). I believe it’s fair to say that the panic-meter is no longer at its … Read more...

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Merry Christmas


Today, Christmas Day, I picked up the book – Sapiens: A Brief History Of Mankind –  that I have been reading for most of the year. The Ericle is indeed not the swiftest of readers but, even by my standards, … Read more...

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A Guest Essay from The Slog

This is the first time The Ericle has re-published a piece from another source. It comes from THE SLOG, a brilliant example of what a blogging should be, written by John Ward with whom I worked in AdLand in the Read more...

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What’s next? The return of The Workhouse?


The Ericle has become quite exercised by the experiences of the Offspring, as they try to gain a fingernail-hold on employment in the current economic climate. Over the last couple of years, I have witnessed their oft-exploitation by way of … Read more...

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A British tale

I know that one swallow doesn’t make a Spring and, most certainly, one anecdote doesn’t make up a Whole Story. However I offer this personal yarn on the basis that I’d be surprised if you haven’t experienced similar.

In mid-August …

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AROUND THE WORLD IN 25 DAYS. Traveller’s Tales: Part 4 – China, is there a different thought-process at work there?

On our 2nd evening in Hong Kong we found ourselves in protracted financial negotiations over a ‘must-have’ consumer item. The politesse of the moment involved intermittent departures from the matter in hand for exchanges of personal information. The young … Read more...

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