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May 2022

Long suffering Ericle readers will have noted my occasional references to The Slog, (see: here), a long-running blog written by a former agency colleague of mine. The Slog’s strapline describes its author as being a cognitive dissident; which, … Read more...

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March 2022


The Ericle was born in 1949, the son and 1st child of refugees who fled to the UK from Hitler in 1939. As such my life has spanned a period of peace between the end of World War II … Read more...

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The Ericle is a Schlemiel.

Jackie Mason, the American Comedian, made a career of lampooning Jewish traits; one of these being how impractical Jews generally tend to be. One of the gags he made, when I caught his London show in the early 1990’s, was: … Read more...

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COVID: The Inquest Begins

With the Government announcing, with some justified pride, that the 15 millionth first jab has been administered in the UK and that the spectre of mortality had been reduced for the 88% of the population most at risk from Covid, … Read more...

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Be afraid … but not witlessly so.

This week the UK registered its 100,000th Covid-related death. This is a horrendous statistic, by any standard, and nobody of any reasonably fair disposition can refute that, regardless of any ‘objective’ comparisons of national Pandemic-performances, reflects badly on The United … Read more...

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More Serious Numbers

  • 29% of Brits admitted (anonymously) to breaking the lockdown
  • 60% is the threshold where it is believed that Herd Immunity comes into play
  • 81% of C-19 cases are mild or unrecognized and are unreported
  • 60% participation is needed for a
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Anyone beating coronavirus deserves everybody’s fullest gratitude. Happily, industrious journalists keep leading morning newspapers offering pertinent questions regarding short-tRead more...

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Ends & Beginnings

It is a natural inclination to look at history for clues and answers to the current circumstances in which we currently find ourselves. Though I am not a subscriber to the notion behind the French idiom: plus ça change, plus Read more...

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‘A grim calculus’ is in prospect.

I have always had a problem with Sartre’s famous quote in that I am too much of an agnostic to assent to the word ‘illusion’. This minor quibble aside, Sartre is reaching for something important when he asserts that most … Read more...

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