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On a poll on poles.

Thank you to My Reader for participating in my recent very short poll. Though the poll opportunistically took its beat from Brexit and Boris’s Election victory, it really was a very blunt inquiry into how politically open-minded folk are these … Read more...

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Annie Feuermann


I find it impossible to remove the personal and contact details of deceased persons, with whom I have been close, from my diary & address book. Thus, every 14th October the name of ANNIE FEUERMANN pops up in my … Read more...

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The Start Of An Affair

FFC v Hull Cvr

On this day, 62 years ago, I went to Craven Cottage for the first time. This was the second professional football match that I had attended. On the 17th September I had been taken to see Chelsea, the reigning … Read more...

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My word is my bond.

As indicated in my previous blog, The Ericle intends to publish a series of anecdotes from his personal life – in no particular order and on no particular theme. This is the first of them – an account of my Read more...

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The Ericle has changed his mind.


21.12.16. Dear Eric, welcome to the Liberal Democrats!  I want to thank you for giving your support to the Party. The Liberal Democrats are fighting for an open, optimistic, liberal, diverse, and tolerant Britain…….Tim Gordon, Chief Executive of Read more...

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Thoughts at 32,000 feet.

I am writing this on board a British Airways Boeing 777, en route from London to Boston. It’s a pretty old plane – not very impressive – with bits of it that don’t work; in my case the at-seat entertainment … Read more...

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2015: My journey from Darkness into The Light.

This blog entry is a very personal experience into my mental health journey over the last twelve months. These are my own experiences and words; other people may have differing opinions and I certainly welcome all views. Sensitive readers may Read more...

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Artificial Intelligence.


On September 9th Apple – with their usual understated panache – unveiled IOS 9, the latest version of their mobile software. Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO proudly announced:

For starters, IOS 9 will now learn from your behavior and use Read more...

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A Life Less Ordinary.



7th November 1932 – 17th August 2015

‘Kurtie’ Rayners was born Kurt Reckendorfer in Vienna. He was the only child of Sophie Wolkenstein, (my father’s elder sister), and Karl Reckendorfer. Around the time of the outbreak of World … Read more...

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