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The Four Questions

Last Tuesday marked the anniversary of the UK’s first Covid Lockdown. Shortly after that we celebrated our first Zoom Passover Seder with friends. Tonight that anniversary comes round again, too.

I’ve always thought Passover to be the quintessential Jewish festival … Read more...

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UK Jewry is backing itself into a corner of its own making.

In the last couple of weeks, I have become embroiled in a discussion at my synagogue – on which¬†I am in a very small minority –¬† about whether it is correct for an address made from the platform during … Read more...

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Getting down to Fundamentals


When my synagogue announced that it was taking part in a series of three inter-faith discussions with local Christian & Muslim communities, I was attracted and enthused by the idea. So last Tuesday I ventured forth, together with The Webmeister … Read more...

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