It hasn’t been an easy ride. Not for your supporters either. I honestly believe that the tears you wept, after losing The Wimbledon Final earlier this summer, were the cathartic gateway to your first Grand Slam. I’m no therapist,  though I have spentAndy Murray (sic!) a deal of time with them, but I suggest that those tears ‘gave you permission’ to show your true side. The ‘affirmation’ came with the cheers that accompanied your demonstration of joy at winning the Olympic title. The ‘confirmation’ was your win last night. I couldn’t watch the match but I listened to every hit via the epic commentary of John Inverdale on Radio 5 – surely his proudest moment too. There have been some great heroes this summer and, in my estimation, you’ve topped the lot. Well done indeed Andy Murray!

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  1. peter lynex-hopkins says:

    He’s still a bloody jock! I tell you Eric, I lived in Scotland for 10 years and they would have supported Hitler against anyone English in any sporting contest. So,maybe I’m not so thrilled. But good on him anyway.

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