You may have noted – or, most probably, you may have not – that I am enrolled to ride the London Ride 100 on August 4th. (More about the event and my fund-raising page here.) When I undertook my first charity-raising venture, the 1992 London Marathon, the raising of money for worthy causes via challenging personal effort seemed welcome. Today, for understandable reasons, there seems to have been a seed-change in attitude to raising money for charity in this manner – possibly too many people doing the same thing and possibly too many projects that involve exotic travel. (As for the latter, though the majority of participants do pay there own way, I really do think that this should be a requirement.) Seems a shame, as challenging oneself and charity-raising seem appropriate bedfellows to me. This all notwithstanding, this time I may have taken on somewhat more than I can chew. Yes, I have undertaken long cycle rides in the distant past but they have always been pretty leisurely events on courses conducive (i.e. flat) to achieving distances of 50-80 miles in a day and involving reasonable rest-stops, including lunch. The Ride100 is a ‘sportive’. Not only is it a distance longer by some 25% than I have ridden before, but also it is meant to be ridden without stopping and within a maximum cut-off time. The Ride100 has to be completed in 9 hours. And, oh yes, I am now almost 64 years old. As a result of all this, I have summoned up the professionals in the form of Richard, my training buddy. Training with him began a couple of weeks ago. Richard has put me in on a diet, (Stage 1: 50 gms of carbs/day), has got me running again and is torturing me with a variety of weights, stretches and exercises. On most alternative days I cycle with him, A.N.Other or on my own. So far the furthest I’ve covered, non-stop, is a rather lumpy 35 miles with Richard, yesterday. How do I feel:

cream-crackers Long way to go……


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  1. LEE MANNING says:

    Pathetic effort- only 35 miles ! You’ve got all day with nothing to do and in a year’s time you can live off the state whilst we have to slog in and out of the office as the daily grind continues unrelenting.

    Next thing you’ll be complaining that Fulham put you through the torture of an uninspired and insipid season !

    If you want £100 from me then get on with it and suffer in silence ……

    Rather you than me – we’re all rather jealous of your determination .

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