It’s strange how the mind works at times.

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The Ericle & The Prodigal One are currently sitting in seats 13B & 13C of an Airbus A320 en route for Israel.  Yes, they are exit row seats with added legroom which in easyJet terms must be all of 3 inches; however in this case size really does matter and those 3 inches are the difference between bruised knees & relative discomfort. Leaving home at an inordinately early hour for our 7.15 flight to Israel, we are now 2 hours into the flight. I’ve listened to some sounds, tried to sleep, read a paper, played gin rummy on my pad and eaten my breakfast biscuits. Amidst all this excitement, The Well Travelled One mentioned that this was the longest flight he had been on since his trip, last year to Japan. With this thought ringing in my mind (should that not be ‘ears’? – Ed), I find myself writing a blog piece – yes, another short term distraction – and thinking not about the symbolic journey I am undertaking to The Holy One with my Eldest One but of my own travel to Nippon. And then I remembered the fact that I had, for some not-so-strange reasons taken to writing haikus while travelling round Japan. And for the life of me, I can see no reason why they should remain my guilty secret, so here are quartet of them



Seventeen syllables

Three lines of five, seven, five

Comprise a haiku


The girl with no mask

Knows I’ve taken a photograph

Of the mask she wears


In Japan the birds

Fly in a tight formation

It is expected


Unscheduled pit-stop

“Pain will go?” “Arigato

Japanese Dentist”


Israel, Schmisrael, can wait. It’s Haiku Time in the Skies!

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