How I Learned To, Stop Worrying And, Love The Drop


The Ericle is suffering. After 13 years of Premier League football, it seems odds-on that Fulham Football Club will be returning whence it cameth. Hey, it’s been great at times. I have never felt more proud of being a Fulham supporter than when we went to Hamburg for the 2010 Europa League Final. And I have never felt such footballing joy as from the come-from-behind wins, during that campaign, over Juventus and Hamburg. The Great Escape from relegation of the 2007/8 season was also incredible. But unfortunately it would appear that we will, deservedly, be relegated after two seasons that have verged on farce.  With 9 games to go, Fulham are 6 points adrift at the very foot of the table. Mathematically we could still save ourselves but the way we have been playing it would require the most unrealistic of Roy Of The Rovers turnarounds. No, my friends, I am

MAFSKtotally accepting of our fate. In the end our ‘Rise And Fall’ has been suitably Fulhamish. Financially rescued from the footballing depths by the larger-than-life Mohammed Al Fayed, in 6 glorious seasons we climbed from the very basement of the Football Leagues to the top tier. And with Chairman Mo at the helm (a.k.a. The Phoney Pharaoh to Private Eye readers), life was never dull. Managers came and managers went – two to taking charge of the national side. But then Mo’s retirement plans and the eventual arrival of a new ‘wet-behind-the-ears’  and ‘hair-above-the-lips’ chairman created the ‘perfect storm’ in which the team is currently floundering onto the relegation rocks. So as we countdown to the inevitable pulling of the lever of The Premier League’s Room 101, I am fully prepared for our fate and perhaps with a little bit of footballing luck “we’ll meet again”.


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5 Responses to How I Learned To, Stop Worrying And, Love The Drop

  1. joelkauf says:

    And while I feel your pain, and recall with pleasure the outing we had in Oct. ’11 (gosh, that long ago?) to see Fulham vs Everton, I can identify in my own (less emotionally engaged) way, with a team that has also truly disappointed.

  2. Ericle says:

    Hey Joel, the Australian cricket team hasn’t done that badly of late! 😉

  3. TonyZ says:

    Fulham out of bottom 3 at this moment. May change in 3 hours?

  4. Ericle says:

    3 hours, Tony? It has changed in 15 minutes! Still living in hope, though it’s becoming more-and-more desperate!

    • tony says:

      Yes, I couldn’t believe how quickly they threw it away. Not true, Fulham seem to have a habit of this sort of behaviour. Keep believing.

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