Well done to Jigsaw, a Nottingham-based IT supplier. In early December I noticed an offer from The Sunday Times for a Nexus 7 tablet for £50, when purchasing an 18 month digital subscription for that paper.  The venerable Gabriel, webmaster to this august organ, had been boring on about buying one of these for his ‘Er Indoors as a Christmas present; while I had been thinking of getting the ST online for some time too. A deal was struck and the order placed on December 4th, with guaranteed delivery for December 12th. The tablet did not arrive on the 12th and after Many Happy (not!) Times (sic!) spent with customer services on the phone, on December 17th I – without much hope –  fired off the email below.  I was both surprised and delighted to receive a call from Maxine at Jigsaw on the 20th informing me, with profuse apologies, that a replacement Nexus would be dispatched for next day delivery. Unfortunately M. & Mme. Gabriel were flying off at ‘the crack of sparrows’ back home to Romania the next day and when I explained this to Maxine, she offered to arrange ‘same day’ delivery, which must have been at some cost as it was arrived by car from Nottingham a few hours later. The true spirit of Christmas and a true example of outstanding customer service. Thank you Maxine and take a bow Jigsaw!


from:  Eric Wilton <ericwilton1@gmail.com>
to:  help@timesplus.co.uk
date:  Mon, Dec 17, 2012 at 11:36 AM
On Dec 4th I availed myself of your offer as per below:

The Nexus did not arrive on 11/12 and on 12/12 I was told it would be with me on 13/12. On 15/12, after a further failure to deliver on your promise, I was told that the matter would be looked at as a matter of urgency and that I would receive a phone call later in the day to advise me precisely as to the situation. I received no such communication. Today, after 30 minutes of being passed around, I was told that “it’ll be with you sometime this week” and that, if I wanted to, I could call your delivery service for more information.  I declined this ‘kind’ (not!) offer; quite frankly I’d rather have root canal treatment than try to deal with a delivery service at this time of the year.
It is quite clear to me that nobody at your customer service department is available or willing to take any responsibility and deliver a level of acceptable customer service ( a name change for the department could be in order?) on this matter.
I would ask you to act on this email, put things right, chase up the exact delivery information for me and ensure that I get what I have paid for at the very soonest time possible.
Thank you in anticipation (but not much hope).
Yours sincerely
4th December 2012

Dear Eric Wilton,

We are delighted to confirm your subscription.

Your Nexus Tablet will be delivered to you around: 11/12/2012

We hope you enjoy your subscription.

Best wishes

The Times and The Sunday Times


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