Last night I was at a 60th birthday celebration dinner with a bunch of mates. None of us were yet quite alive when the last Olympics were in London but I feel pretty sure that, if we had been, we would have mustered up considerably more enthusiasm for the event than seemed to me to be in evidence last night. That is except for Nick, who singularly has chosen to abandon himself body-and-soul to the event by volunteering himself as a ‘facilitator’ to the event. (His story can be found here). Is Olympics Cartoonhe mad? Well yes, certainly but I do truly believe that had the current Olympics been taking place in the last century even a bunch of ‘grumpy old men, like those attending last night’s dinner, would have displayed a higher level of excitement for an Olympics that was less than a week away. According to today’s Guardian, the UK has already won its 1st gold medal – for whingeing! I really don’t think it’s as simple as that. From my perspective, I put it more down to the fact the Olympics is palpably no longer an event for the ‘man on the Clapham omnibus’ but one for corporate exploitation of a global media audience. As a result the inhabitants of the host nation see the event as anything but a ‘peoples Olympics’ and that is why from where I am sitting most of them are displaying an honest apathy towards the event. On Wednesday, in spite of all this, I am going to watch the Olympic flame on its way up to Alexandra Palace and, I am sure, that as it all ‘kicks off’ my own & others’ level of interest will escalate. Hat’s off to Nick for bucking this trend – but I still can’t help feeling that he has answered the call of a 21st century self-serving Kitchener!

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