My Viennese mother was a terrific cook and when I seek comfort-eating I often regress to the foods she lovingly prepared for our family. As a result Wiener Schnitzel, gulasch, krautsalat now form a significant part of my limited culinary repertoire, many produced from  recipes hand-written in my mother’s own cookbook.  One of the favourites that she made was the ‘humble’ Semmelknödel – bread dumplings – which Wikipedia’s page on Knödel describe as being: “a speciality of Southern German, Austrian and Czech cuisine  (houskové knedlíky) used as an accompaniment to dishes such as roast pork  along with sauerkraut, beuscheldumplings (lungs), lentil and mushroom dishes served in a cream sauce.”  Knödel are universally loved. Indeed a recent dedication-in-song to them has become a You-tube hit. (See it here).   So when The Webmeister and his Good Wife joined me yesterday for some Easter fayre, this seemed an ideal time to whip some up. What a disaster. How I managed to make such a dog’s dinner of a dish, which most describe as a “simple to prepare”, I don’t know. “Too much milk” declared the Webeister’s Wife. I’m sure she’s right but the dog’s dinner they became. The dog seemed to like them, so that’s alright then.

* A recipe for Knödel can be found here. Let me know how you get on!

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2 Responses to My Dumpling Disaster of Easter 2013

  1. Mireille aka the Good Wife says:

    It’s forgotten! The pork, the cabbage and the company were first class, so one mushy dumpling is not a tragedy! Plus, we ate them, didn’t we? Of course, Sadie had the lion’s share but that’s because we love her so much! Looking forward to our Easter and mom’s recipies!

  2. In my experience practice makes perfect Eric. Your mother must have made these dumplings many, many times throughout her life so had become an expert at making them, but maybe ‘to begin with’ it may have taken her a while to master them herself. If you can bear to write down your exact ingredients and the exact method you used each time you make them then you can build on that. You’ll be surprised at how a small change in the recipe or method can change the final outcome. I have perfected many cakes in this way.

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