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October/November 2022

Embracing The Third Age

These days, I spend a great deal of my week on activities organised by The University Of The Third Age (U3A). There are no age parameters to the U3A – the Third Age being defined as … Read more...

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April 2020

Letter From America

My Readers, of a certain age and background, will recall Alastair Cook’s Letter From America; a regular feature of the BBC Home Service, (Radio 4 from 30/9/67), from 1946 to 2002. Wikipedia informs that there were … Read more...

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March 2022


The Ericle was born in 1949, the son and 1st child of refugees who fled to the UK from Hitler in 1939. As such my life has spanned a period of peace between the end of World War II … Read more...

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February 2022


In my last blog-entry of 2021, I made a New Year’s Resolution to say less and cycle more. The proverbial road to Hell is paved with good intentions but for the immediate future, unless I … Read more...

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The New Normal (People) according to Sally Rooney

Below are the covers of the Turkish & Russian editions of Normal People:

Presumably, Sally Rooney’s new book will also be translated into Turkish & Russian, too? Arabic? Burmese? Chinese?

Just asking ………

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A Famous German comments on ‘The Government We Deserve’

Jurgen Klopp, Liverpool FC’s German Manager, writing for The Ericle (and The Sunday Times) today:

“If aliens looked at us both from the outside they would think
we came from two different planets.”
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(Talkin’ about) My G-g-g-g-g-eneration…..

People try to put us d-down
Just because we get around
Things they do look awful c-c-cold
I hope I die before I get old
My generation
This is my generation, baby

Sing along with The Who: here

One of …

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It’s A Numbers Game

When Numbers Get Serious*

Two times two is twenty-two
Four times four is forty-four
When numbers get serious
They leave a mark on your door
Urgent! Urgent!
A telephone ringing in the hallways
When times are mysterious
Serious numbers

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I am currently reading The Plague by Albert Camus; a book I’ve meant to read for quite a while. I decided that, if I was ever going to actually read it, now was a good time! It’s chilling reading, full Read more...

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Bored with BREXIT?


Like any sane person in the UK, I am sick and tired of discussing BREXIT but it is a conversation that won’t go away. My fearful anticipation is that it is a generational conversation that won’t end, as it is … Read more...

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