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21st Century Highwaymen


According to Wikipedia:

The Great Age Of Highwaymen was the period from the Restoration in 1660 to the death of Queen Anne in 1714. What favoured them most was the lack of governance and absence of a police force. Most Read more...

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Merry Christmas


Today, Christmas Day, I picked up the book – Sapiens: A Brief History Of Mankind –  that I have been reading for most of the year. The Ericle is indeed not the swiftest of readers but, even by my standards, … Read more...

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It’s Complicated!


Ever since I first went there in 1968 it’s been a ‘tradition’, (cue: Tevye + violinist), whenever I visit my cousins in Los Angeles to go and have a breakfast at Denny’s.

This time was no exception. And, as per … Read more...

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Artificial Intelligence.


On September 9th Apple – with their usual understated panache – unveiled IOS 9, the latest version of their mobile software. Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO proudly announced:

For starters, IOS 9 will now learn from your behavior and use Read more...

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BA Maths: 2 – 1 = 0


Mrs Ericle & I, having been invited to a wedding in Nice on June 28th, decided to turn the Happy Event into an extended break in the area. Accordingly, a British Airways return ticket was purchased departing Blighty … Read more...

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The DHL Man cometh.

The Ericle is very impressed by stuff like this:


I do recognize that this is relatively marginal to the well being of The Universe, and is motivated to a greater or less degree by marketing considerations, but I feel that … Read more...

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Death of an Advertising Man



I was very sad to learn of the recent death of David Abbott.

I was very fortunate to work within British advertising during its heyday when in 1979 I joined CDP/Aspect, a subsidiary of Collett Dickinson & Pearce.  As … Read more...

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A Pig Is For Christmas, Not For Life!


The Ericle has been having a pig of a December. Yesterday I chauffeured The Prodigal One, who has a ham-scam on the go for Xmas, to Smithfield Market. Tomorrow I’m off to Romania for a long weekend, with a traditional … Read more...

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My close shave in Istanbul. (And another in North London).

As some of you may know, The Ericle has recently returned from a late summer holiday in Turkey; the last 4 days of which were spent Turkey 170in Istanbul. We had booked our flights, and our Taksim Square accommodation, in February … Read more...

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Not all low-cost airlines are the same!

As a strong believer in consumerism, I think it commensurate with that belief to let suppliers of products & services know how they have let you down in order to give them the opportunity to  comment and/or put things right. … Read more...

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