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Thoughts at 32,000 feet.

I am writing this on board a British Airways Boeing 777, en route from London to Boston. It’s a pretty old plane – not very impressive – with bits of it that don’t work; in my case the at-seat entertainment … Read more...

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2015: My journey from Darkness into The Light.

This blog entry is a very personal experience into my mental health journey over the last twelve months. These are my own experiences and words; other people may have differing opinions and I certainly welcome all views. Sensitive readers may Read more...

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A Life Less Ordinary.



7th November 1932 – 17th August 2015

‘Kurtie’ Rayners was born Kurt Reckendorfer in Vienna. He was the only child of Sophie Wolkenstein, (my father’s elder sister), and Karl Reckendorfer. Around the time of the outbreak of World … Read more...

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The Ericle’s Pinteresting 2014

The Ericle is at heart a librarian. In another life, I fear that I could have become an accountant. I like order, and love constructing databases and making lists. (See here.). As a result one of my web-afflictions is … Read more...

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Thoughts on becoming officially ‘Old’

In Shine A Light – the Martin Scorsese film on The Rolling Stones – Keith Richard kicks the gig off with the words: ‘It’s really good to be here … it’s really good to be anywhere’! I don’t feel quite … Read more...

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