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My Ride100

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Well, it’s all over and it really would seem that I saved ‘the best to the last’. Perhaps that is a truism, as in the end it’s the event that is the winner and it brings out the best in Read more...

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THE MOTORCYCLE DIARIES Part 1: It’s Not About The Bike

Contrary to most non-motorcyclists expectations, the joy of touring on one’s bike is definitely not the covering of long distances at speed. Au contraire, IMHO, thundering down motorways isn’t  a very pleasant experience at all. But if you live in … Read more...

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Allez, Allez, Allez.

Le TourAs would be said in Lübke English*: “Equal goes it loose”. The 100th Tour de France spins off the starting line this afternoon. Following on the back of Sir Bradley’s victory and Team GB’s Olympic successes,  interest in The … Read more...

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The Maestro and Me.

This is not a piece extolling the footballing qualities of The Maestro. (That story of JohnnyHaynes Haynes – the first £100-a-week footballer, England captain and career-long Fulham player – is well publicised. The oldest stand in professional football is named … Read more...

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Cheers for Tears?!

It hasn’t been an easy ride. Not for your supporters either. I honestly believe that the tears you wept, after losing The Wimbledon Final earlier this summer, were the cathartic gateway to your first Grand Slam. I’m no therapist,  though … Read more...

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THE PARALYMPICS: First ‘The Rant’, Now ‘The Recant’!

I was wrong! In my posting of August 23rd I wrote: “As I see it, the event (The Paralympics) has become vastly overblown and, as spectators, we are participating in an circuitous disproportionate PC response.” This was indeed how … Read more...

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Reaching For The Moon. Falling Back To Earth.

I am quite a sucker for a Hero. Our son’s middle name is Haynes, after my childhood idol Johnny Haynes – lifelong Fulham player, captain ofEngland, first £100/week footballer and the sweetest passer of the ball that I have ever … Read more...

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Are the Paralympics a PC version of Dwarf Throwing?

OK I am guilty! I am guilty of writing the above headline because it is provocative and presumably attention-grabbing. And I am also totally guilty of replying to my daughter’s question as to whether I’d be watching The Paralympics on … Read more...

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A Mother-In-Law writes…….

The grandmother of my children is internet-phobic. She also loves to read, and share, inspirational bits. So every now and again, and again, little pieces of paper fall out of her letters. This is the most recent one: 

Mother TeresaPeople are

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