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The New Normal (People) according to Sally Rooney

Below are the covers of the Turkish & Russian editions of Normal People:

Presumably, Sally Rooney’s new book will also be translated into Turkish & Russian, too? Arabic? Burmese? Chinese?

Just asking ………

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God Bless America

What I saw:

This is a picture of Donald Trump returning to The White House after his Tulsa political rally, watched by an underwhelming 6,200 people in a stadium that can hold 18,000, after claiming that over 1,000,000 people … Read more...

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I am currently reading The Plague by Albert Camus; a book I’ve meant to read for quite a while. I decided that, if I was ever going to actually read it, now was a good time! It’s chilling reading, full Read more...

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Petition against Palestinian Authority salaries for terrorists.

Whilst the UK does not directly fund the salaries of terrorist prisoners, it is morally unacceptable that British taxpayers’ money is being used to fund essential services and public sector salaries in the Palestinian Authority at the same time that

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2018 WORLD CUP: The Ericle’s Round-By-Round Review




FRANCE was the best team at the 2018 World Cup Finals and is the worthy winner. Bravo !

Russia’s World Cup was a sumptuous footballing feast – a global tournament that more than did justice to … Read more...

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Every 4 years The Ericle pulls out his Willie

Every 4 years, at about this time, I make a point of pulling out my Willie. That’s my World Cup Willie, of course, the mascot of the England football team that competed for and won the 1966 World Cup. (Well, … Read more...

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An Ericle Russian Election Special

PUTIN BB

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Merry Christmas


Today, Christmas Day, I picked up the book – Sapiens: A Brief History Of Mankind –  that I have been reading for most of the year. The Ericle is indeed not the swiftest of readers but, even by my standards, … Read more...

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A Guest Essay from The Slog

This is the first time The Ericle has re-published a piece from another source. It comes from THE SLOG, a brilliant example of what a blogging should be, written by John Ward with whom I worked in AdLand in the Read more...

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High Time for a Haiku?

It’s strange how the mind works at times.

Screen Shot 2017-08-30 at 07.46.32

The Ericle & The Prodigal One are currently sitting in seats 13B & 13C of an Airbus A320 en route for Israel.  Yes, they are exit row seats with added legroom which … Read more...

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