Newtown is Our Town

Newtown, CT, is a town described as being “typically New England”. Having lived in that area for over 5 years in the 70s, I have a true sense of what is meant by this description. And though I don’t, for a minute, believe that the inhabitants of a prosperous professional neighbourhood believed that they had immunity from the madnesses of the world, I do have a sense that they believed that such devastating madness could not incubate from within a community such as theirs. The 21st century global village is indeed a double-edged sword. It offers the osmotic prospect of quantity of communication, but this magnitude of scale brings with it a prospective diminution of quality. I am a great fan of the internet and greatly value the potential offered by Facebook, email, blogs and the like. But we need to take care that more doesn’t become less; indeed meaningless. Isolation brings danger of alienation in both the micro and macro universes; and in the real and virtual worlds. This surely is the quintessential essence of this time of the year – a seasonal opportunity to embrace and meaningfully connect with one another; not only family and friends but also ‘the strangers in our midsts’.


I am not very good at “Love”….

….but today is our 25th. This poem says it best for me:


This is not Love, perhaps,
Love that lays down its life,
that many waters cannot quench,
nor the floods drown,
But something written in lighter ink,
said in a lower tone, something, perhaps, especially our own.

A need, at times, to be together and talk,
And then the finding we can walk
More firmly through dark narrow places,
And meet more easily nightmare faces;
A need to reach out, sometimes, hand to hand,
And then find Earth less like an alien land;
A need for alliance to defeat
The whisperers at the corner of the street.

A need for inns on roads, islands in seas,
Halts for discoveries to be shared,
Maps checked, notes compared;
A need, at times, of each for each,
Direct as the need of throat and tongue for speech.


All my love, Jane. Thanks for being with me this 25 years (and more).