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The New Normal (People) according to Sally Rooney

Below are the covers of the Turkish & Russian editions of Normal People:

Presumably, Sally Rooney’s new book will also be translated into Turkish & Russian, too? Arabic? Burmese? Chinese?

Just asking ………

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We get the government that we deserve.

One of the unmissable features of the COVID Pandemic is that the world responded to it not as one, but as nation-based. Perhaps, one day the governance of the world will be the domain of global institutions but it is … Read more...

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Bored with BREXIT?


Like any sane person in the UK, I am sick and tired of discussing BREXIT but it is a conversation that won’t go away. My fearful anticipation is that it is a generational conversation that won’t end, as it is … Read more...

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What One Says and To Whom One Says It


My valued UK reader will be very aware of the row that has been rumbling on, over the past few months, around Anti-Semitism within the Labour Party. Ever since Jeremy Corbyn’s ascendancy to the leadership, his long history of cavorting … Read more...

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😨 about Facebook? You should be, but for the right reasons!


The Ericle, in both his personal & political personae, is a keen user of social media in general and Facebook in particular. I think it is not unfair to say that I spend at least 30 minutes of every day … Read more...

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Merry Christmas


Today, Christmas Day, I picked up the book – Sapiens: A Brief History Of Mankind –  that I have been reading for most of the year. The Ericle is indeed not the swiftest of readers but, even by my standards, … Read more...

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The Ericle has changed his mind.


21.12.16. Dear Eric, welcome to the Liberal Democrats!  I want to thank you for giving your support to the Party. The Liberal Democrats are fighting for an open, optimistic, liberal, diverse, and tolerant Britain…….Tim Gordon, Chief Executive of Read more...

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Why Trump’s victory isn’t like Brexit

[The Ericle recently posted a piece (see here) on this subject. This week, the leader in The Spectator was exactly on this theme. I am re-publishing it here for my reader, who may not be a subscriber.]Read more...

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‘Events, dear boy, events’.

ɪˈvɛnt/ event. Noun. A thing that happens or takes place, especially one of importance.


This has been an eventful seven days by any standards. As I, like many others, try to make some sense of what has occurred in … Read more...

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Football dreams.

Sub-titled: Everything you need to know about football but were afraid to ask.


Psychotherapists love to hear about their clients’ dreams. Mine is no exception. Last week I had two dreams that involved the England football team. As a consequence … Read more...

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