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From Shofars to Car Horns.

The Ericle & Son Of Ericle returned from Israel early on Tuesday, just in time to celebrate the start of the Jewish New Year on Wednesday evening. It was an odyssey that took us from Jerusalem (4 nights) to Masada … Read more...

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High Time for a Haiku?

It’s strange how the mind works at times.

Screen Shot 2017-08-30 at 07.46.32

The Ericle & The Prodigal One are currently sitting in seats 13B & 13C of an Airbus A320 en route for Israel.  Yes, they are exit row seats with added legroom which … Read more...

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Thoughts at 32,000 feet.

I am writing this on board a British Airways Boeing 777, en route from London to Boston. It’s a pretty old plane – not very impressive – with bits of it that don’t work; in my case the at-seat entertainment … Read more...

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And in today’s Times …..



The song ‘Overs’, from Simon & Garfunkel’s Bridge Over Troubled Waters LP, contains the following lyrics

No good times, no bad times
There’s no times at all
Just the New York Times

Well, from where I am sitting …

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See Tauranga And Die


It seems only right that, having become becalmed on the Bay Of Plenty, the Ericle should report back on Tauranga its principle ‘metropolis’.  Over the years I have visited Tauranga quite a number of times, being that Mrs Ericle’s parents … Read more...

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Around The World in 100 Days


Mrs Ericle & I leave tomorrow on an odyssey that will, hopefully, see us circumnavigating our pebble in exactly 100 days. As a child I was greatly inspired by Jules Verne’s Around The World In Eighty Days, which I must … Read more...

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This Little Piggy Stayed Home.

My Reader will recall that The Ericle spent last weekend in Romania and that pig-killing, on The Webmeister’s insistence, had been set up as the centrepiece of that particular odyssey. On the surface of it, this exercise in animal husbandry … Read more...

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A Pig Is For Christmas, Not For Life!


The Ericle has been having a pig of a December. Yesterday I chauffeured The Prodigal One, who has a ham-scam on the go for Xmas, to Smithfield Market. Tomorrow I’m off to Romania for a long weekend, with a traditional … Read more...

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My close shave in Istanbul. (And another in North London).

As some of you may know, The Ericle has recently returned from a late summer holiday in Turkey; the last 4 days of which were spent Turkey 170in Istanbul. We had booked our flights, and our Taksim Square accommodation, in February … Read more...

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THE MOTORCYCLE DIARIES Part 1: It’s Not About The Bike

Contrary to most non-motorcyclists expectations, the joy of touring on one’s bike is definitely not the covering of long distances at speed. Au contraire, IMHO, thundering down motorways isn’t  a very pleasant experience at all. But if you live in … Read more...

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