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I do recognize that this is relatively marginal to the well being of The Universe, and is motivated to a greater or less degree by marketing considerations, but I feel that not only is it respectful of the customer relationship but also that I’m better off for having access to such information. When I was sent a DHL tracking number by Olympus, for the return of my repaired lens, I could have ignored it and taken an “it’ll get here when it does” attitude; the truth of which would have eventually become self-evident. As it is, I know that it’s on its way today and I’m exercising a choice to wait in for its arrival. The key factor is that I have the option.

I find it difficult to comprehend people who give up choice on the basis that having an option compels them to undertake/experience an unwanted eventuality. I understand the thought-processes behind it, but I think it is a subset of the false syllogism:

Bad Things happen on The Internet

I use The Internet

Therefore I’ll rubbish, or even get rid of, it.

 So – if you must – deny yourself the opportunity to keep in more real-time touch with distant family via Facebook on the basis that “it’s full of nonsense from people who are not really my friends”, but please do so on the basis that this is your decision not something that is inherently evil about the Facebook environment. Similarly recognise that the reason you may not want to own a credit card is an issue of your self-control rather than its perniciousness as a financial instrument. I also recall conversations with folk back in the last century who refused to own a television because it was a waste of time, rather than that they found difficulty in deploying the on/off button. I could go on and on and on… (Thank goodness, that’s quite enough – Ed.)

Anyway, here I am waiting for my DHL delivery. I know I could have done so many other more constructive things with my day than to wait in for a parcel. But then I would have to subscribe to the philosophy that ‘ignorance is bliss’ – which may be true, post facto, but I refuse to run my life by it. Sod’s Law I’ll be answering a call-of-nature when the doorbell rings and I’ll miss my darned delivery. Hey, if it were a perfect world there’d be no humans on it….

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  1. Phin says:

    I love this stuff too. DPD are even better at this. They give you all the tracking stuff, but also let you track the van on google maps when it’s out for delivery, tell you the drivers name and give you an estimated arrival time. You can re-arrange your delivery date for your package or ask him to leave it with the neighbour. I think that’s a pretty cool use for the customer of technology they already had in place. Another bonus of Amazon Prime for which we get our full money’s worth in this house!

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