suspended animation

The Ericle hasn’t spoken for a week. Nothing wrong with that – I didn’t sign up to be a virtual cockerel. So it’s not a breach of my job description, when I don’t come up with a crow every dawn. However the truth must out: despite the misgivings I expressed in an earlier posting, since the Olympic Torch passed by in our neighbourhood,  I have been in an Olympian state of suspended animation. I switch on the radio as soon as I wake up in the morning for overnight Olympics news and comment, I ‘work’ with the TV on in the next room so that I can jump up at a moment’s notice and I plan my evening meals around the Olympics schedule. And when I listen to the radio in bed before going to sleep, as will be my wont, I am listening to commentary and analysis of what came down the Olympic road during the day. Not for want of trying I supremely failed to get tickets for any events but I do not intend to be denied, not without trying, so next week I plan to go to the Olympics Centre in the hope that a ticket will somehow find its way into my hot and stickies. I’ll let you know how I get on – once The Olympics are over!


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  1. The Anti-ericle says:

    What a load of rubbish!

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