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EW bikeThe Ericle needs a goal to gain motivation. My reader may have noted that I am somewhat OCD in this regards. I like to have a target – a raison d’etre – to aim at, in order to get going.  And when I get going, I like to have routines & schedules. This time last year, with The Ride 100 all of 4 months away, I was allowing a very cold April to dissuade me from making a proper start to a training schedule. As it was, it really wasn’t till May that I really got going; but then I did get stuck into it. This year there can be no such excuse as our pre-Easter weather has been splendid for the last 3 weeks or so. But it was only this Wednesday that I wheeled my bike out of the shed, pumped up the tyres to the recommended 100 psi and got back into the saddle. Perhaps my motivation this year is no more than not to hand back some of the fitness and weight-loss that I achieved from completing The Ride 100. I say ‘all’ because I have allowed myself to regain half of the 28 lbs I lost. And as for the fitness, judging by the 2 rides I’ve undertaken this week, that’ll be starting from quite a low base too. Perhaps it’s a good that I have no particular goal at the current time. Especially given my ‘almost retired’ status, a bit of GC biketaking each day as it comes is just what The Shrink would prescribe for me.  So, whatever happens, I have no ‘epic’ ride penned for 2014.  A pair of old favourites – The North London Hospice 40 (June 8th) and the Suffolk Coast 60 (Aug 3rd) – are in the diary and I have put out feelers to friends for a couple of overnighters; one to Swanage and the other to Amsterdam. Talking about taking horses to water, there is also The Ericle’s Webmeister who has signed up for the 2014 Ride 100 but, to the best of my knowledge hasn’t pedalled an inch in anger yet and shows little signs of getting going; or, for that matter, even getting a pair of wheels. On yer bike, Gabriel – I need a training partner!

I will use this page to diarize the milestones and major events of my 2014 cycling year and, if you are so inclined, do come back and check me out. For the more mundane everyday tides – not to say that my other efforts are not mundane – I am using a very useful (free) iPhone app called Strava to track my miles. My Strava log can found here.

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  1. Michael Heryet says:

    Eric having just got back from a short sojourn Majorca, may I suggest yo get yourself over there and join one of the groups of hundreds, nay , thousands of Brits, Germans, French, Scandanavians wt al that are zooming around there. I have never seen so much Lycra and thousands of Euros of fantastic bikes. If we had been there for longer I would have been quite tempted to join them! As it is I am staring at the three bikes hanging in the garage and wondering which I should clean up and tackle the hills here in North Cornwall. BTW Why don’t you add the BHF London to Brighton ride in June to your list? May your rubber burn the Tarmac!

  2. Ericle says:

    Nice ideas, Mike! It would be good to ride together sometime!?

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