The Ericle’s Motorcycle Tour 2013

A week’s break from pedalling, but still on two-wheels.

(An update on my preparation for the Ride 100 here.)

If all goes to plan, this is my itinerary:

July 7: London – Metz, France (390 miles)







July 8: Metz – Wil, Switzerland (272 miles)







July 9: Wil – Crevoladossola, Italy (197 miles)







July 10: Alpe Veglia







July 11: Crevoladossola – Leukerbad, Switzerland (62 miles)







July 13: Leukerbad – Reims, France (397 miles)







July 14: Reims – London (275 miles)

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4 Responses to The Ericle’s Motorcycle Tour 2013

  1. Robin Murtough says:

    Obviously, you’ll be going into deep yodelling country, Frank Ifield rides with you. Bonne Route.

  2. Ericle says:

    Merci bien, M. Bins!

  3. Joel Kauf says:

    Jeezus, no wonder you’re looking so cut and buffed!!! I’ve just got into the picture, via your blog!!! What can I say, besides well, well done!!! And in a strange twist of parallel living (once again) I too have focused very seriously on body and health, and can happily report that I have successfully shed 9 kg since returning from Jhb mid-Feb. Cycling less, but doing a lot more gym, weights, strength work. And as part of that, have now committed to “Dry July”, which is exactly that … ZERO alcohol intake, and part of a fundraiser for nominated cancer beneficiary causes. Also started running again, and was doing okay, but hurt my calf about 3 weeks ago, so am relaxing that. And all that I truly wanted to communicate, was that your trip looks amazing, and makes me think that I need to learn to ride a big bike (properly), and come and join you on a trip like this. Enjoy, enjoy and stay safe!!!!

  4. Anna Spencer says:

    Liebe Grüße to Hans and Ursula in Wil, and viel Spaß!

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