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The Ericle is at heart a librarian. In another life, I fear that I could have become an accountant. I like order, and love constructing databases and making lists. (See here.). As a result one of my web-afflictions is Pinterest, a digital scrapbook, where I maintain a number of boards. (Here.)


On my ‘2014 Day-by-Day’ board I pin what seems to me to be the most significant news-story for each day. On this last day of the year, reviewing my entries makes for some depressing reading – Ukraine, The Middle East, missing aircraft, suicide bombers, ISIS et al – but this, I trust, is more a reflection on what constitutes ‘news’ than anything else. My ‘Departures’ board of obituaries is not a source of joy either; though many of the entries celebrate lives well-spent and worth celebrating. And as for my Fulham Football Club board for the year, the less said the better. So in an effort to end the year on a more up-beat note, I have scanned a couple of my other boards for year-ending items that are a little less depressing.

It won’t surprise you then to learn that one of them is called ‘Lists’ and from this year’s entries I can offer you:

  • the most popular name chosen for both cats & dogs in the UK is Poppy
  • the most viewed web news-story on The Guardian’s website was that covering the hacked celebrity nudes story
  • Milan is the most congested city in Europe and North America
  • Robin Williams was the most searched celebrity name on Google
  • the most expensive burger’s in the world costs $330,000


On my ‘Strange But True’ board in 2014 you can find stories about

  • an emergency operation conducted on a goldfish
  • the pan-global fish-eating spider epidemic
  • the UK train passenger who tired to have sex with a drink’s trolley
  • the death of the world’s heaviest person (560 kgs)
  • Vitoria’s embarrassing attempt to produce the world’s biggest tortilla


On the personal front it’s been an interesting and good year of

  • mostly happy events: my daughter’s graduation being the most memorable
  • a shrinking domestic situation, with the moving-out of the Prodigal Son
  • retirement
  • European travel
  • discovery of Buddhism


I hope, my dear & valued reader, that this year has been a positive one for you and that 2015 will bring you more of the same.

Happy New Year!

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