Got back from my motorcycling break, (which was ‘epic’ – more later), to be greeted by the Ride100′s ‘Final Countdown’ rider information pack. I am Rider Number 2893. It’s all very precise and has a tone of extreme order:

Each start has 19 different waves. Below is your recommended time to get to QEOP the loading time of your wave and your actual start time:

     Your arrival time at QEOP: 06:42

     Your personal load time is: 07:06

     Your Personal start time: 07:42

The pack, which is chocker with information, contains a route map and profile:

Prudential RideLondon-Surrey 100 Participants Route Map 2013


And as if the jagged ‘peaks’ of Newlands Corner, Leith Hill & Box Hill are not enough to put one off, the informations tells of the  5 ‘cut-off points with the following words of ‘encouragement’: “If you do not reach the cut off points before the above times you will be withdrawn from the event.”

NOW this is getting rather serious!

(My Cycle Log can be found here)

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