(Managed to catch an early viewing of The Interview thanks to the efforts of Kim Jong-Sam.)



Besides being a very silly and a very funny movie, The Interview is very much a film of its time and, as such, The Ericle attaches a surprising (to himself at least) degree of importance to it. Without wanting to go all Mark Kermode over it, I think it would be a huge mistake to file the film simply under a gendre-type. Sure it’s a farce – the humour basic; much of it scatological.  Sure it’s a ‘cheap-shot’ at an easy target and sure it panders to type-casting.  But it also is a very succinct mirror on the times that we live in; primarily from the perspective of  how the 21st century frames its reality. In an era where politicians are overly-concerned with sound-bites and instant pay-back, the distinctions between Hollywood and Washington have long become blurred. If this were not the case, why then the knee-jerk reactions of Sony, let alone those of North Korea? And can there be a better example of Life imitating Art than the events of the past few days, which have resulted in such an amazing viral counter-reaction. I can’t speak of the ultimate motivations of those behind the production of The Interview but at many levels the film has managed a level of serendipitous genius. For this alone, I do seriously suggest that it deserves a shout at an Academy nomination.

The Interview

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