Mohamed Abrini, who yesterday confessed to Belgian police that he was the “man in the hat” airport bomber, spent about a week in Britain in July last year. Seen on CCTV before and after the attack on Brussels airport on March 22, Abrini was captured in Brussels on Friday after an international hunt. “We confronted him with the video evidence,” a police spokesman said. “He had to admit it was him.” Belgian prosecutors said Abrini had also told police that he threw the white jacket that he was also wearing at the time of the attack into a rubbish bin and had sold the hat. A statement said: “He [Abrini] is indeed the third man present at the Brussels national airport attacks. He explained having thrown away his vest [jacket] in a garbage bin and having sold his hat afterwards.” THE SUNDAY TIMES

The Ericle is intrigued by this snippet of information buried in a news report I read this morning about the captured terrorist, the so called ‘Man In The Hat’. He sold the hat! Really?

What presence of mind this chap must have. Not only has he just become Public Enemy No.1 than he turns his creative mind to how to turn an honest penny out of his newly-gained notoriety. And what sang froid, with the weight of Interpol and other government terrorist police hot to feel his collar, he decides that he has nothing else on his mind than to cash in on his chapeau. Or is one to believe that he was in such desperate need of funds to make good his escape, or to purchase a baguette, that this appeared to him as the best route possible to get his hands on some readies?

And what of the lucky purchaser of this questionable piece of apparel? Was he or she an opportunist that recognised a desperate man with a desperate need when it was staring them, un-hatted, in the face. Or are they somebody to be found in the Bruxelles Yellow Pages, under ‘Purveyors & Purchasers of Black Objects of Dubious Historical Value’, who jumped at the opportunity to add to their collection?


It’s all very fascinating n’est-ce pas? He threw his jacket away into a rubbish bin, you say? Taxi, take me to St Pancras Eurostar station, toute de suite, s’il vous plait.

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One Response to The man who mistook his hat for a valuable object.

  1. Paul Dennett says:

    Either way it’s going to be worth a fortune on eBay now…

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