The New Normal (People) according to Sally Rooney

Below are the covers of the Turkish & Russian editions of Normal People:

Presumably, Sally Rooney’s new book will also be translated into Turkish & Russian, too? Arabic? Burmese? Chinese?

Just asking ……

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8 Responses to The New Normal (People) according to Sally Rooney

  1. Pat Hahessyk says:

    It seems to me that there is but a very short distance to travel between “disappearing ” a language from a person’s world perspective to “disappearing” a people…something that an Irish author, in particular,could be expected to understand.

  2. Jack Medkeff says:

    History has long forgotten that Sally’s Irish ancestors were the only tribe ever to have fully purchased their newly acquired lands from the previous indigents so she can stand proud and proclaim words of justice to the gullible.

  3. Ericle says:

    [From: Victoria]
    I agree… same old, same old ….

    • Ericle says:

      Does this really change anything? I’m not sure that her clarification, that she objects to the nationality of the publishing house, really changes the substance of her support for the HRW or the movement to culturally boycott Israel? The issue surely is that she, like many others, chooses to attack Israel to the exclusion of other more culpable targets?

      • Ericle says:

        [From: Mike]
        What she says is she won’t go with this publisher because they refuse to dissociate themselves from the actions of the Israeli government. On the issue of whom do you attack, well, that’s always a great let-out for the guilty parties, isn’t it? Why are you criticising ME when you should be criticising all these other people (instead). It might be a fair question, but it doesn’t in any way answer the criticisms, does it? As it happens, most of the other countries you mentioned in your post are already under sanctions from western governments, but Israel lives on money and arms from the US and is actively and vocally supported by the UK government.

        • Ericle says:

          – I, in no way, would suggest that Israel – or any country – should be excused from criticism of their behaviour on the basis that other countries conduct their affairs in a similar fashion
          – However, observations on human & political relations need necessarily be framed in terms of relativity & imperfection
          My issue with Rooney – and, the other culture-boycott proponents – is that they single out Israel for treatment yet ‘carry on business’ with other countries that also fail to meet human rights criteria and, in most other cases, on a far broader front than Israel does. Additionally, such criticism also fails to acknowledge the positive side of the ledger and other aspects of causality, such as the perception – realistic or otherwise – of existential threat to citizens or state.

  4. Ericle says:

    [From: Patrick]
    To re- engage, Sally is a good writer ,so I’m lead to believe, and I will check it out, but being young and foolish ,as the song goes ,she has not considered the consequences of her careless utterances. I imagine that Sally is not a hater of anybody, but she has walked into the trap “eyes wide-closed” and inadvertently given support to anti-semitic prejudices. To even suggest that a criticism of Israeli Government policies could be validly expressed by way of an antagonism to the Hebrew language is beyond comprehension. But once you’ve said it, you’ve said it. Her clarification is welcome, but the damage is done. The fine detail of her clarification will never be read by the vitriolic brigade. But don’t worry Sally, you have plenty of time to learn from the mistakes of your ill-considered pronouncements and acts. Will you be publishing through a Chinese publishing house…think of all of those incarcerated Turkic muslims..or do they not count?

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