THE PARALYMPICS: First ‘The Rant’, Now ‘The Recant’!

I was wrong! In my posting of August 23rd I wrote: “As I see it, the event (The Paralympics) has become vastly overblown and, as spectators, we are participating in an circuitous disproportionate PC response.” This was indeed how I sincerely felt at the time but, like The Olympics, my apprehensions that the event had been over-hyped and, public expectations had been manipulated for the purposes of a dubious agenda, were misdirected. In the case of The Olympics, my concerns had been that ParaSwim 026the event had been sold out to commercial and political interests. In the event (sic!),  from the moment the torch passed into the public’s hands and into their arena, something tremendous happened. My concerns for the parallel universe of The Paralympics, that the event was being double-spoken, were again unfounded. Once again as the event progressed from hype to reality, something wonderful came into creation. The Paralympics were a public celebration of the triumph of the human spirit, not only on the fields of competition but among the watchers. I do truly believe that a paradigm shift in attitudes will have occurred as a result of London 2012. It was a privilege and a joy to have been able to attend many of the events in person. How wrong I was to abandon one of my favourite sayings: Humanity is underated.

Image:  © Eric Wilton

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