From: Eric Wilton 

Subject: Membership Number LXXXX217

Date: 28 August 2016 at 12:43:56 BST



I am writing to let you know that I am leaving The Labour Party and that I  have cancelled my monthly direct debit subscription.

I joined the Labour Party a year ago primarily to support Jeremy Corbyn, my local MP, in his leadership campaign. I attended a local hustings during the General Election campaign and, though I did not vote for him then, was very taken by his direct and honest approach to politics. As a lifelong supporter of Liberal politics, the demise of the Liberal Democrats in the 2015 election left me without any hope of supporting an electable party at the national level in the foreseeable future. When Jeremy Corbyn threw his hat into the ring, his candidature – and potential leadership – seemed to me the only bright hope on the horizon that could potentially place society’s needs at the centre of a political agenda that had been hijacked by the excessive pre-occupation on individual aspirations. The support that he was gaining from the previously-disinterested younger end of the electorate further reinforced my support. When Jeremy Corbyn was elected I did not expect the world to change overnight, but I was expecting him to be a beacon of both integrity and leadership. One year later the party is, in effect, still without leadership. In fact it is more fractured than ever; a rabble, one could say. And as for integrity it appears to me that, upon the assumption of leadership, Jeremy Corbyn has become at best confused and at worst incapable of practical political expression. Moreover, when forced into a corner of having to express an opinion – on the Referendum – he abandoned a lifelong stance of Euroscepticism, which could have changed the whole tone of the debate for the better. It is all very disappointing.

As the other alternative on offer, Owen Smith, seems to represent nothing more than the naked political ambition of both himself and the party – an integrity deficit that resonates the New Labour deception of saying anything to get elected and then delivering policies that ‘The National Interest’ (a.k.a.’The City’) demands later. Unfortunately this mentality is a parallel universe to that of a failing football club, whose supporters refuse to see that the edifice that they are attempting to prop up has long ceased to have the tangible and spiritual resources to remount a serious challenge. It’s that attitude, supported by opinions expressed in terms of their political correctness and acceptability to one’s social peers, that are this country’s Achilles Heel. Until we evolve into a society which demands that our political leaders not only talk the talk but also walk the walk, we will reap what we sow.

When I joined The Labour Party, last year, a very good friend of mine and lifelong Labour Party member said to me: “You’ll hate it – the party’s a den of vipers”. How right she was. So please kindly inform the acolytes of your candidates, who are calling me up daily to canvass my support, that my vote will go to neither of them. In fact, tell them: “A pox on both your houses” and inform the membership department that “It’s not been great – in fact, it’s been bloody diabolical. I’m outta here!”

Yours faithfully


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  1. Tim Wilton-Davies says:

    I, too, waited until the leadership election and the ballot papers were sent out… to then cancel my membership! I’ll probably reapply for membership if there’s another election…

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