In my Inbox this week appeared an email from a close relative, (a holocaust survivor, now living in the USA), with a link to ‘England’s No. 1 Song’. (This is the link here). I hope & trust that he sent me this with an unwritten: “WTF?”, but I suspect not. Just in case, I replied with the following:


 Trust you all are well. We have just come back from a really good trip to Turkey – a week with the kids in an apartment on the coast, 4  days in Istanbul (great city) and 3 days driving to & from (very interesting). Pictures soon.

 As for ‘England’s No.1 Song’: I’d never heard/seen this before and, quite frankly, I was appalled by it. (The sort of thing that Goebbels may have come up with, if he was alive today!)

 I have done some Google-ing about it. I was relieved to find out that it is not, and never has been, ‘England’s No 1 Song’ if that refers to the music charts. Apparently the song & video was produced about a year ago by a certain Nick Van Riel who has a web track-record of expressing his extreme right wing views in numerous places including the website Jihad Watch and the  right-wing extremist website “Real Americans Defend Israel” on which he said the following of the Oslo massacre:

“By subsidizing these Youth Camps – with tax payers money – the Norwegians themselves created the base for growing not so innocent socialistic leaders. So the youngsters killed in this vile attack weren’t that innocent at all. THESE YOUNGSTERS WERE IN BED WITH ISLAM ALREADY”

 Unfortunately racists like this do have a wide, possibly even widening, audience. YouTube have taken down this video on numerous occasions and it continually reappears; to be viewed by 100s of thousands, many choosing to post messages of approval & support.

 Please disavow any of your friends who may believe that this song is truly a ‘No.1’ here in the UK, that this is not the case. Sadly though, and frighteningly, I am sorry to say that it most probably is among a sizeable minority of small-minded ignorant individuals. We need to be vigilant and condemn their opinions for the vile racism that they are.

 Love to you all from all over here


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  1. Can’t see the link but by the sounds of it I probably don’t want to!

  2. Just seen this link thanks. It’s nice to watch a fully-informed youtube video which is entirely balanced and unprejudiced.

  3. Rob Broadley says:

    It’s not racism you idiot. It’s anti radical Islam. It’s people like you, who put this country into danger because of your left wing socialist views, who welcome these radicals with open arms. The UAF is the most fascist organisation in Britain at the moment. The EDL membership are angels compared with the vicious morons who inhabit the world of the UAF, with their anti establishment and anti democratic demonstrations. Violent ones at that, so before you condemn Nick van Riel for his views look at theirs.

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